Coming to AA in the beginning, I was told that all I needed was the willingness to accept the idea that there existed a power greater than the disease of alcoholism. I was amazed that there were members with over twenty years of sobriety, who were still coming to meetings. I had never attended anything for any length of time. I was good at starting things, but finishing was another tale to tell. There existed a “possibility” after all. I dared to dream of a life without the insanity of drinking. I dared to dream of a life with a modicum of peace and serenity. And I dared to dream of the possibility of being able have a life like the one I had been praying for, all my life. A life of love, happiness, serenity, with courage and wisdom; and always, always hope. Helping Others Prevail Everyday.


4 thoughts on “Faith

    They [the Promises] will always materialize if we work for

    The promise I like most of all:
    “We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could do for ourselves”.

    And I believe I can do a whole lot for myself.

    Both my Mama and my Daddy taught me that.

    They even taught me how to tie my shoes!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. So I found that when, finally, I started doing what you suggested (don’t drink today, get a sponsor, take the steps), in a short time I began to get what you got.
    As I progressed through the steps, I suddenly noticed things felt differently. As I consistently did what you showed me to do I began to get consistent results, I began to rely upon them. I actually developed faith in these principles, that when I adhered to them, the same things happened. They entered my being as a power greater than my egoic self.
    Then I read in Appendix 2 that some of our more religious members called this power God.
    Sheesh, I just came here to learn to drink like a gentleman.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. I can carry my load just for today and God carries the ones of yesterday and tomorrow. I need to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

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