Prayers, and more prayers help me to fight the negative feelings that want to overcome me in times of sorrow and sadness.  There is a way out of the darkness, I only have to reach out to others, and be willing to “work” the program, in spite of my feelings.  The Serenity Prayer has been a life saver to me on more than one occasion, and there are so many other prayers that work to remind me that all is not lost, there is always hope.  Sometimes, the way through the darkness requires a willingness to let the hurt “be.”  Recovery does not offer me immunity from pain, but it does show me that I can live through it, and even benefit from it in ways I never knew before.  Taking action, in spite of the pain, will help me to get to the other side, and grow.  Going to a meeting, calling a friend in the Program, prayers, reaching out to another member who may be hurting-these are all ways of finding serenity and peace. From a friend “Held in this quiet moment, still, loved, as is…..ALWAYS!” So blessed!