God Showed Up

I believe there is a power greater than the disease of alcoholism because there is such a large number of sober alcoholics!  Belief in this Power greater than ourselves was present in the rooms of A.A.  It was spoken to by those who shared their stories about overcoming their addiction to alcohol.  It is this one factor that kept me coming back day after day.  The prospect of sobriety was enhanced when I heard others talk about their acceptance and reliance on a “power greater than themselves.”   At first I was unsure about the spiritual part of the Program, but I just knew I was among sober friends, and I wanted what they had.  I was told to just keep coming back and to keep an open mind, which I did – and sometime into my recovery God showed up. Blessed

Today's Sunset 9/18/16
Today’s Sunset 9/18/16


5 thoughts on “God Showed Up

  1. Just how much do I see God in all things?

    When I’m saying my prayer before breakfast each morning and I thank God for the variety of fruit, grains and animal products am I sometimes but not often enough more conscious of all of the processes which had to be in place for this delicious meal to be before me including all the workers and all the technology and the marketing and processing of everything and even going on back as far as the germinal seed which was planted in fertile ground etc.
    I might drift on back as far as God.

    September 19
    Did You See That?

    A fundamental perspective of St. Ignatius: In our spiritual life we ought to pray for greater awareness and attentiveness. Do we really experience the life around us, or does it blow by us at the fever pitch of progress? A simple starting point is to pay closer attention to our lives and the people and events that fill them. It is as if Ignatius is constantly prodding us saying, “Did you see that? Did you notice what you were feeling in that moment? Can you experience God in all of this? Ask God to show you.” —Patrick McGrath, SJ, “God, Dorothy Day, St. Ignatius, and the Examen of Conscience”

    We must pay greater attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it. —Hebrews 2: 1

    Lord, open my eyes that I may see you in the events of this day.

    Manney, Jim. An Ignatian Book of Days (p. 262)..

    The Internet and our amazing technology mystifies this old mind but I don’t have to look far to seek God’s hand in this because after all His intricate process of creation has enabled human beings to do what most would consider to be superhuman things in the wonderful world of inventiveness and creativity.

    I looked into the concept of “Spiritual but Not Religious” this morning since I have an intense interest in spirituality and wonder how this may fit into our neo-traditional values in this day and age.
    These different yet inseparable ideas captivate many today.

    If any want to go a little deeper into this here is a website with a synopsis of a very popular book on this idea.

    Am I listening?
    Am I seeing?
    Am I touching, tasting, smelling and feeling?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

    • Golden article, thank you in advance HarryS, you have added multiple sites to my journey. Heard a speaker once:
      – We are a spiritual fellowship, yeah, rah rah, yeah.
      – We are a religious fellowship, boo, hiss hiss, boo.
      – What those 36 tenets(steps, traditions, concepts) about?
      – Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

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