From Illness To Wellness

When I first saw the Twelve Steps on the wall, I thought, “Well, there’s only twelve Steps, I should be out of here is a couple of weeks.” I had so much to learn, and the funny part of that was I felt happy to know it was a continuous program, there was no “graduating.” That was a big change for me, and it happened early in my recovery. God blessed me with a desire for change, and then He gave me the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous as a means of achieving that change. The Program has altered not only my life but the very essence of me. I am not the person who walked through the doors. I have changed at a very basic level, from being a confused, angry, and “lost” woman, to being a woman with a purpose and at peace with myself and those around me. I have turned my will and my life over to the care of the God of my understanding. How have YOU done it?

Photo Courtesy of MX
Photo Courtesy of MX

11 thoughts on “From Illness To Wellness

  1. During my first (of five) trips to rehab, I thought they would teach me how to drink like a normal person. I was back in rehab about 2 months later. Each day, I pause and remember my failed attempts to control my drinking and the ensuing chaos. I helps keep me sober.

  2. Grapevine Quote

    September 20
    “There has to be something to be grateful for if I am only willing to change my attitude and look for it.”
    Mesa, Ariz., March 2010
    “Not On Fire”
    Emotional Sobriety II

    Harry, Happy Alcoholic.

  3. I have a routine. That it’s what is different today. There is accountability. I have meetings where people notice if I am gone.

  4. By the grace of God, lots of meetings, working the steps with my sponsor,
    and trying to be of service to others where I can?
    Today I am celebrating 34 yrs. of continuous sobriety!
    I really enjoy being here daily!

  5. Top of the morning family,
    Right on right on Tom R, thank you for the keeping the light on till my sorry biscuits could shadow the door.

    What is my desire for this day?
    Does my heart understand that self has an illusion of power?
    Trust God, (If I want His loving care and guidance)
    Clean house, (If I want freedom, face my fears)
    Service to others, (if I want peace)
    Now if I can obey when He elbows me…….
    His will is my goal.

    Year by year, day by day, choice by choice, my old ways, my old thinking, my old desires are no longing driving my battle rhythm.
    It’s not what I do for God, but by what freedoms God does for me. We are saved for works, not by our works.
    Today, I lean more forward in the foxhole for His promises and not my problems.
    Today and each sober day is victory over our human weaknesses.

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