The Great Fact

For me, turning my will and my life over to the care of God meant that I had to stop making life changing decisions, at a moments notice. It required that I trust in God, and believe that He has my best interest at heart. I had to learn to “sit still” and give A.A. and God a chance to help redefine my life. I learned to believe that God wants me to take the “Higher Road,” and that defined itself as action that benefited not only myself, but those around me. I worked to be of service to others, and to leave my life in the hands of the Master. I was not sure how to define my relationship with the God of my understanding, but I knew it meant behavior contrary to my previous behavior. Where I was dishonest, I worked to be honest; where I was angry I embraced forgiveness, love and peace; where I was strong-headed and defiant, I worked to accept that I am but a small part of the world, that God is truly in charge of all.


5 thoughts on “The Great Fact

  1. Grapevine Quote

    September 21
    “Most of us do follow, in our personal lives, the Twelve suggested Steps to recovery … We do this from choice. We prefer recovery to death. Then, little by little, we … conform because we want to.”
    AA Co-Founder, Bill W., January 1947
    “Will AA Ever Have a Personal Government?”
    The Language of the Heart

    “conform because we want to”.

    Just wait and see.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

    • PS I happen to love a conundrum; I have always been fascinated by a puzzle; I love how a mystery unfolds….

      In my opinion there is much confusion about when the promises come true-Or when they are realized.
      Because of where they are placed in our book they are called the 9th step promises by many.
      I think the key in this query is the word BEFORE.

      We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.
      The last Promise in the Big Book came true for me on the very first day of sobriety. God kept me sober that day, and on every other day I allowed Him to operate in my life. He gives me the strength, courage and guidance to meet my responsibilities in life so that I am then able to reach out and help others stay sober and grow. He manifests within me, making me a channel of His word, thought and deed. He works with my inner self, while I produce in the outer world, for He will not do for me what I can do for myself. I must be willing to do His work, so that He can function through me successfully.
      From the book Daily Reflections

      ”We will be amazed BEFORE we are halfway through.”

      Does that settle this Conundrum?
      I doubt it!

      Does this anonymous gentleman’s comment contribute meaningfully?

  2. Top of the morning family,
    Heard this song on my morning commute:
    – What kept popping into my membrane, what language is my heart speaking today?
    – How free do I want to be?

    “Every now and then
    I get a little bit restless
    And I dream of something wild
    (Turn around)
    Every now and then
    I get a little bit helpless
    And I’m lying like a child in your arms
    (Turn around)
    Every now and then
    I get a little bit angry
    And I know I’ve got to get out and cry
    (Turn around)
    Every now and then
    I get a little bit terrified
    I don’t know what to do
    I’m always in the dark
    Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
    I really need you tonight
    Forever’s gonna start tonight
    (Forever’s gonna start tonight)
    A total eclipse of the heart
    (Turn Around, bright eyes)
    (Turn Around, bright eyes)”

    The great fact: I suffer from gluttony of self.
    By not throwing in the towel, I’m actively postponing the drink till tomorrow.
    Either we grow or we go….If I fail to enlarge my spiritual maturity, the same person will drink again.
    Fear of the unknown will slip away…..
    Today there is a solution, a solution for victory.

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