Going against my feelings brought me to the depths of my life, time and again. I would “go forth, blindly” in spite of feelings of misgiving and doubt. And just about every time, there would be a negative response to the negative feeling. If only I had “listened” to my feelings – but then again, God was teaching me lessons about learning to trust not only my feelings, but learning to trust in Him. The idea of a “higher” power took it’s time with me. I was quite sure that I knew what was best for me – in spite of all the failed attempts I had. When I finally started letting go and letting God, my life began to improve. I was AMAZED when I “worked” Step Three and found that I was capable of letting go of the reins, and allowing God to work in my life. All it required was that I “sit still” for a time, and let God take care of this precious life that He has given me.