I wasn’t sure where I “fit” in the spiritual aspect of the Program, I just knew that I had found a place that gave me hope. Someone told me that I could use the “group” as a “higher power.” This made sense to me, I mean there were sober people in the rooms, something or someone had surely worked in their lives. Initially I was a little skeptical of their pronounced sobriety, but in time I came to know that they were truly sober, and many members had substantial time in recovery. My sponsor told me to focus on the recovery aspect of the Program, that the Spiritual “part” would come of it’s own accord. I did just that, and began to “work” the Steps. I believe that this “power” is the missing link to sobriety that other programs lack. That’s my belief, as we are each free to define and accept our own spiritual “being.” Open-mindedness and being willing were essential to this process. I had many questions but soon learned that this was common, as the Program was complex and required concentrated effort. The good news: there was no “time limit” to learn the Program, I had the rest of my life, one day at a time.