I’ve heard the first three Steps defined as “I can’t, God can, I think I’ll let Him.” I know that God has done for me what I could not do for myself. I tried and tried to change my way of living. I tried and tried to just quit drinking. And I tried and tried to be a better person, a better mother, a better etc. But failure was my rule of thumb – until I found A.A. I found that I was capable of change, that there was a glimmer of hope for not just myself but for all the others who were sitting around the tables. In the process of healing my own wounds, I found ways of helping others heal their wounds. The Program is simple in it’s base form; abstention from alcohol and striving towards the spiritual principles are the very basics. With God by my side I have the “power” to do whatever is needed to stay sober, to change and grow – and come to believe.

Photo Courtesy of Rocky
Photo Courtesy of Rocky


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    Grapevine Quote

    September 25
    “Those little maxims ‘Easy Does It’ and ‘Live and Let Live’ have come to be deeply meaningful and significant.”
    AA Co-Founder, Bill W., January 1947
    “Will AA Ever Have a Personal Government?”
    The Language of the Heart

    To discover contentment, a deep trusting in God, is to realize each day what theologians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Jean Vanier have written—the heart and call of the community of faith is to forgive and be forgiven.


    Practice These Principles in All Our Affairs!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. ..nice reflection…especially resonated with the part about helping others heal their wounds!
    As I consider how to help others, and if and how I might be useful, perhaps only by holding their wellbeing in my heart, my own recovery strengthens.
    As my capacity for compassion grows, so does my peace of heart.
    My disease loosens its fearsome grip on my life and I enter into an unsuspected world of connection, presence and utility; I am redeemed into the sacred present.
    Grateful for the gift

    • Great to see you here my friend. Missed you. I’m writing THIS nugget down: My disease loosens its fearsome grip on my life and I enter into an unsuspected world of connection, presence and utility; I am redeemed into the sacred present. Hugs

  3. Happiness happens when results exceed expectations.
    Maybe these steps are working after all. Deep down, there is also a warm, small ball of faith, always there, never dimmed, unexplainable, asking nothing, but giving much. To define it or try to examine it would distort or destroy it.
    It just is, that’s all I need to know.

    • For me that’s true Soto-it just is. However, as I proceeded through steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 yesterday, something miraculous happened. A NEW experience like never before. A lifting of spirit that I cannot find words to explain, just as you said. A feeling of the strongest faith I’ve ever known, but words don’t give it justice! I’m so extremely grateful for His Love, and that is only the tip of the iceberg! 🎆

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