Vigilance is a good, strong word – meaning that I am dedicated to a purpose. In the dictionary it is described as being watchful, or avoiding danger. I strive to be watchful of my state of mind, that I continue to “work” the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, on a daily basis. Inertia can spell trouble for me. I must always be on the lookout for signs of complacency, as it can lead me right back into my active addiction. A.A. takes action-so much more than mere words or thoughts. Without action I have no growth or change. I can “know” the Twelve Steps, but until I “work” them, I do not benefit from them. I know of people who can recite the Twelve Steps verbatim, but relapse time and again. Taking some form of action on a daily basis keeps me actively going forward – towards recovery. I begin by admitting that I have a problem I can’t “fix.”