Experiencing A Higher Power In My Life

Gradual change has been my experience in the Program. Just as a gradual acceptance of the spiritual aspect of A.A. has also been my experience. My connection to a Higher Power became apparent to me over time. In the beginning I was not so sure that I would “come to believe,” but today, I can certainly say that I have a God in my life, and am evermore grateful. At first, I tried to justify this God to myself, and for the most part wanted desperately to believe. It was a lot easier to believe when I was faced with so many other sober alcoholics who based their recovery on the spiritual principals. If it worked for them, why could it not work for me. It had to be true, not just words. The idea that A.A. had helped so many alcoholics was but a beginning to my spiritual travels. There was “something” at work in the lives of others – of that I am absolutely sure.


8 thoughts on “Experiencing A Higher Power In My Life

  1. Top of the morning family,
    Do I see God’s presence in my life?
    When do I notice His presence/at what time in my day/week/month?
    By doing this design for successful living, sometimes my membrane doesn’t pay attention. However, when my heart desires His heart, I’m assured that God is always working in my life.
    Funny hahaha/hehehe moment in my life last week.
    I wasn’t selected for another job promotion. “I didn’t meet qualifications.”
    – Don’t they recognize my natural superiority?
    I wasn’t selected for a volunteer job within the city I call home. “I was over qualified”.
    – As I let out a Charlie Brown, Aaugh!
    Self wants to accept defeat. Divine Mercy wants me to have a victorious life.
    My prayer / meditation times lead me to: I’m right where I need to be. And today, that’s a sweet place to be.
    Today, I have a solution. I must be willing to surrender my will for His. He alone provides what I need. Self will always want more…..

  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing your experience. I don’t know if my blog will resonate but I hope it helps. I’ve always had “higher power” experiences but was confused by them. I’ve been writing about them to understand them and to connect with others who may be trying to make sense of their experiences. Have a good day!https://unbreakablejoy.wordpress.com/

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