Gradual change has been my experience in the Program. Just as a gradual acceptance of the spiritual aspect of A.A. has also been my experience. My connection to a Higher Power became apparent to me over time. In the beginning I was not so sure that I would “come to believe,” but today, I can certainly say that I have a God in my life, and am evermore grateful. At first, I tried to justify this God to myself, and for the most part wanted desperately to believe. It was a lot easier to believe when I was faced with so many other sober alcoholics who based their recovery on the spiritual principals. If it worked for them, why could it not work for me. It had to be true, not just words. The idea that A.A. had helped so many alcoholics was but a beginning to my spiritual travels. There was “something” at work in the lives of others – of that I am absolutely sure.