Oh That Power

I did not possess the power to get and stay sober on my own. I failed at that many times. In the beginning I was worried that A.A. would not work for me because of the spiritual aspect of the Program. But the words “Keep Coming Back” were constantly present in this “new” life. And the more I came back, the more ready I became. I wanted what I saw others had, a firm belief and acceptance of a Higher Power, one that could restore me to sanity and sobriety. The logic of this premise was not to be denied – if the Program worked in the lives of others, was it not then a “higher” power. It was definitely more powerful than anything I had in my life, up to the point of crossing the threshold to recovery. I tried every “solution” I could think of to gain some sanity in my life, nothing worked, until . . . I found the Program of A.A., and my Higher Power, whom I chose to call God.


4 thoughts on “Oh That Power

  1. Top of the midday day family,
    RE: could restore me to sanity and sobriety.
    My favorite line in the big book:
    “When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically.” BB How It Works, p.64

    I have an illusion of power.
    – There’s a power that loves me and wants me to live.
    – If I could have changed myself, I would have done it a long long long time ago.
    – I’ve been given the power of postponement. The postponement of drink till tomorrow.
    A little changy here and a little changy there creates mac daddy difference(s) in my life.
    I’m not what I did yesterday; I’m what I do today.
    The best is yet to come! That is power.

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