The Power

I had a friend in the program who was an atheist. It was a curiosity for me, until one meeting when an old timer said that his Higher Power was a big, old nail that had been pounded into a post. I talked with him after the meeting and asked him about his “spiritual journey.” As it turned out there are many variations of “God,” or a “Higher Power.” It did not matter what “form” it took, what mattered was that I believe in a power greater than me. I found my Higher Power and today I choose to call mine, God. The idea of being able to define my own greater power gave me the freedom to accept the idea of this “power.” I believe that this “power” is the missing link to sobriety that other programs lack. That’s my belief, as we are each free to define and accept our own spiritual “being.” Open-mindedness and willingness were essential to this process. I also found out that God had not deserted me, it was I who had stepped away from God many years ago.


6 thoughts on “The Power

  1. Faith
    Faith is not believing that certain claims or statements about God are true. Genuine faith presumes a relationship with God. It implies a radical trust in God, faithfulness in one’s relationship with God, and a way of seeing the world as life-giving and nourishing rather than as hostile and threatening.–Br. David Vryhof

    Recapture the morning.
    They suggested that I pray every morning asking God to help me get through the day without having to take a drink of liquor.
    They suggested that I pray every evening thanking God for help me get through this day without drinking.
    “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand him, praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. The only time I get angry in AA is when someone tries to foist their version of HP on another or criticize someone else’s God as they understand God. Most, not all, religions believe their understanding is the only correct and true way to God and that is okay; its just not helpful to AA. While we would be arguing people would be getting drunk.
    I can’t act like God in my life. I pray even if I am not sure why because it works. My prayers may not change the world but they certainly change me and that is enough.
    So I don’t like when someone tells me what God is really like at an AA meeting with the implication that my understanding is wrong therefore I will be drunk soon. But when someone tells me about their God and their spiritual life as part of their experience, strength, and hope, then I am all ears. It is a subtle distinction but an important one.

  3. 30) A.A. works for people who believe in God. A.A. works for people who don’t believe in God. A.A. NEVER works for people who believe they ARE God.

    Thank you for your shares on faith and hp.

    There is another quote that sticks in my mind, God is never late….

    Blessings, I had a very grateful day I got to share an na meeting w my daughter who has 27 years. I was brought to tears with her story and others about her recovery today. Although I have dealt many emotions about guilt on how she was raised in an alcoholic family. I grateful that she is in recovery and is doing her very best to carry the message to those who still struggle. Kt

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