I had a friend in the program who was an atheist. It was a curiosity for me, until one meeting when an old timer said that his Higher Power was a big, old nail that had been pounded into a post. I talked with him after the meeting and asked him about his “spiritual journey.” As it turned out there are many variations of “God,” or a “Higher Power.” It did not matter what “form” it took, what mattered was that I believe in a power greater than me. I found my Higher Power and today I choose to call mine, God. The idea of being able to define my own greater power gave me the freedom to accept the idea of this “power.” I believe that this “power” is the missing link to sobriety that other programs lack. That’s my belief, as we are each free to define and accept our own spiritual “being.” Open-mindedness and willingness were essential to this process. I also found out that God had not deserted me, it was I who had stepped away from God many years ago.