Self Truth

It has taken strength to change in recovery – my behaviors were entrenched and steeped in alcohol. Now, sober, I no longer have that crutch, and I found that I had to change from the inside out. It has taken time and effort to change my very basic nature. Where I was angry, I found a peace – a peace I had never known before. I found and am living by spiritual principles that were unknown to me – things like faith. integrity, courage, and hope. Humility, justice, and service to others were also “suggested.” I found different behaviors in me, much to my surprise. There was much to learn, and much to absorb in this “new” life. Sometimes I simply did the opposite of my “usual” behavior. Where I had been prideful, I found a humility that was true to AA. Where I had relied solely on me, I began to accept the idea of a Higher Power. Where I had an attitude of entitlement, I found service to others as a way of restoring my soul. What have YOU changed?
Blessed for REAL!!


8 thoughts on “Self Truth

  1. Thanks to unknown gifters I have composed this lovely composition.

    Just for a little fun go to page 112 in the big book and read the first three words.

    Now go to page 32 and read the first three words.

    🙂 Wow! 🙂

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

    PS “Some of us have tried to hold onto old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely”.

    For me as an alcoholic I think it is treacherous to think of alcohol as a “crutch” rather than the rapacious creditor it is.

  2. Funny story for the day: We recently told our 4 year old to say “oh my gosh” instead of “oh my God”. She’s been reading a storybook about Jesus and we asked her “who is God’s son?” and she answered: “Gosh.”

  3. Top of the nippy Colorado morning family,
    Harry S, that be the good schtuff…………..
    As my Army Drill Sergeant would yell/belch: rock steady!
    What’s rock steady today:
    – The greatest obstacle we face is the person in the mirror. If I’m not the problem, then there’s nichts, nein, nyet, no solution.
    – My brokenness is opportunity for new growth.
    – When I feel like quitting, time and time again I’m carrying a load that Divine Mercy desires to carry for me.
    – His will or self’s will. My will got me a chip, mug and a hard chair.
    – When I march forward in the destruction of self, my thirst for His will grows….
    Forgive for taking so many blessings granted, just for today.

    It’s a good day to focus on today’s moments of appreciation day.

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