(Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes. It is very painful, but I’m on the mend)
I know there are times when I hear a member of the Program talk about the Steps, about dragging their feet in completing them. It’s also said that we only work the Steps once, but I think they were talking about Steps 1 through 9, as Steps 10,11, and 12 are considered the “maintenance” Steps, and are “worked” continually. But we each define how we work the Steps, individually. I just know that it was important for me to complete the Steps, the sooner I did, the better I felt. Although there was the 4th Step, that one took me a couple of years and there were some memories that were difficult to “walk” through. I felt really good when I finally finished it. Truly a load off my shoulders. The Program works, because the Steps work – but it’s important to work the Steps. Procrastination is not my “friend” when it comes to recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous is my DEAREST FRIEND!!!
Time to sleep. Blessed for sure!!!