The Program Waltz

At a meeting once time, we heard a woman simplify the program in a unique way. She was struggling with many issues all at once. She was having trouble working the Steps. She was wrestling with marital and job problems. She said what had been most helpful to her is “The Program Waltz.” This, she explained was her way of simplifying recovery. Whenever she feels overwhelmed she goes back to the first three Steps: “One, Two, Three . . . One, Two, Three . . .” In this way, she said, she concentrates on the principles that help her most in times of need: powerlessness, surrender, and letting go. These first three Steps help her get centered and remind her of the thoughts and spiritual guidance that help her most. Sometimes we can end up spinning our wheels in the Program and we find we must move on and take a Fourth Step in order to stay balanced. It’s nice to know, though, that the Steps are all available to us, that we can go back and start again when we need to. Although “One, Two, Three” may not be as effective for all of us, it can be a useful tool for focusing on the basics in our own recovery.
Today I am thankful for the wisdom of those who are in recovery with me!



4 thoughts on “The Program Waltz

  1. Top of the morning family,

    I’m much gooder at following directions that are clear and simple.
    1,2,3,… Simple is as simple does
    Keeping it simple; keeping it real.
    – Step one, (short form) God help me!
    It’s a good day to stay the course.

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