Responses To Anger

Being in recovery, I was certain that my life was supposed to get better. what I forgot was that it takes my participation in my sobriety to reach any level of change and growth in the Program. I had to learn how to “handle” my anger, and I did this by turning it over to God, and taking that all important step back. If I can give it a minute or two, I can respond from a much better place of calmness and acceptance, rather than bursting forth with heat, justification and sometimes out of control feelings. The end results of this change continues to be remarkable. I rarely get angry, and when I do I work real hard to back away and give it the time it needs to lower the intensity. When I stop and look at the reason, I find that quite often MY ego is involved in some way. Someone said something that hurt my feelings, someone challenged me and I felt threatened, someone doubted the changes I claimed within me. When i am spiritually fit-I dont Edge God Out.


9 thoughts on “Responses To Anger

  1. Remarkable reflection sister.

    Lots of times unfortunately we act out of our primitive brain under the powerful influences of the amygdala which has no master but does abate under the powerful influence of the 4P’s.

    You remember those.

    Pause, Pray, Ponder and Proceed.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. Hi I like the reflection, about Anger. And Ego,edging God Out,, and it goes along with our study last eve of the 11th step in my home group step study.
    I saw the words in the 12 x12 that talked about living without a focus on myself and how i can be better served.. I also saw the words that I can have a better life if I focus on comforting others rather than be comforted. So if I take the suggestions the step study says then I will be able to live better without
    anger , fear and dissension. Of course for me I need daily reminders!!!! Lol kt

  3. Life with it’s inevitable highs and lows still happens whether we are sober or not. How we deal with life improves when we are sober. Sober for me is more than not drinking. It’s acceptance, patience and tolerance.

  4. Top of the morning family,
    soto; I concur, top shelf read.
    As Paul O wrote: Why would I give permission to you so that you have control over “my” emotions / feelings. or words to that effect…..

    Anger is a biggy size mask of fear. The other masks of fear are anxiety and resentments. They’re strong feelings. Good or bad, right or wrong; they’re emotions. It’s what I do with it that matters.
    – Is it justified?
    – What’s my motivation regarding this emotion?
    – Am I self-protecting / self survival mechanism?
    – Do I really trust Divine Mercy that He’s in control?
    Today, I’m learning that my anger / anxiety will always take my eyes of my heavenly Father.
    When my focus / attention isn’t on Him but on my circumstances, I’m not trusting His power, His truth, and His capabilities. I’m not walking in the sunlight of His promises.
    It’s a good day to have a good day; even if I give it a minute or two.

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