Being in recovery, I was certain that my life was supposed to get better. what I forgot was that it takes my participation in my sobriety to reach any level of change and growth in the Program. I had to learn how to “handle” my anger, and I did this by turning it over to God, and taking that all important step back. If I can give it a minute or two, I can respond from a much better place of calmness and acceptance, rather than bursting forth with heat, justification and sometimes out of control feelings. The end results of this change continues to be remarkable. I rarely get angry, and when I do I work real hard to back away and give it the time it needs to lower the intensity. When I stop and look at the reason, I find that quite often MY ego is involved in some way. Someone said something that hurt my feelings, someone challenged me and I felt threatened, someone doubted the changes I claimed within me. When i am spiritually fit-I dont Edge God Out.