It has taken strength to change in recovery. My behaviors were entrenched and steeped in alcohol. Now, sober, I no longer have that crutch, and I found that I had to change from the inside out. It has taken time, and effort to change my very basic nature. Where I was angry, I had to find a peace – a peace I had never known before. I had to find and live by spiritual principles that were unknown to me – things like faith. integrity, courage, and hope. Humility, justice, and service to others were also “suggested.” I found different behaviors in me, much to my surprise. There was much to learn, and much to absorb in this “new” life. Sometimes I simply did the opposite of my “usual” behavior. Where I had been prideful, I found a humility that was true to the program. Where I had relied solely on me, I began to accept the idea of a Higher Power. Where I had an attitude of entitlement, I found service to others. One day at a time!!!