Today I can rely on the God of my understanding, I can rely on my friends, and I can rely on the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Being “of service to others” does not just mean helping other alcoholics, it also means that I may be given the opportunity to serve as an example to others of what recovery can look like, and by others I mean family. Others around us look to us to see not just “how” the Program works, but “if” it works, at all. Each and every one of us serve as examples to others. My daughter found my book “The Language of Letting Go” in my car and she opened it and read a passage that she clearly identified with. She was so amazed, and read that and a couple more to me – now it seems to be “missing” from my collection of recovery books. Good – that book is over eighteen years old, it’s time I got a new one, anyway. I’m sure she meant to ask me about taking it. Considering her need for guidance and understanding, I think I see God’s hand at work here. Have an amazing weekend, I know I WILL!!!