Grace And Understanding

I pray for the strength to carry on every day. I pray for willingness, understanding, and honesty. I pray that I may find a renewed energy to put one foot in front of the other. I have the knowledge of the Program, but without the action of working the Steps and following the guidelines and suggestions of the Program – I have nothing. The purpose of recovery is to overcome my alcoholism, one day at a time. Once that lofty goal is attained, to some degree, it is then time to “pass it on.” I believe I am here (alive) by the grace of God, I believe I am sober by the grace of God, and I believe it is my purpose and direction to be of service to those who are seeking God’s grace, and will. But the first person I need to be of service to is myself. I can do nothing if I don’t take care of me, first. I have to give credit when I accomplish something, and thanks to the God of my understanding, for my improved behavior and life.

Praying hands
Praying hands


5 thoughts on “Grace And Understanding

  1. For by now we have entered The World of The Spirit, our textbook reminds us…so I need always remember that when I ask I receive, when I seek, I shall find…although almost invariably not what I thought I wanted but rather what A Power Greater Than Myself provides…then my choice- participate with The Great Reality or retreat back into the Illusion of Self.
    Eventually I learned which provides a full life.
    Grateful for the Gift

  2. My favourite quote, which seems to be on point today.

    “If you think you are an atheist, an agnostic, a skeptic,
    or have any other form of intellectual pride which keeps you
    from accepting what is in this book, I feel sorry for you.
    If you still think you are strong enough to beat the game alone,
    that is your affair.”

    Dr. Bob

  3. KISS

    The most complete prayer is a single thought of gratitude to God.

    This morning I woke up with awareness that God had specifically blessed me at least 3 times during a somewhat restless night when my mind wanted to do some “problem solving” at this most inappropriate time.
    As soon as I recognized this was going to be a problem and I was verging on being pretty damn angry about it I said “Lord have mercy” and mercy was quickly granted.
    Lots of times this kind of occurrence only happens one time but this time it was 3 or more.
    I woke up feeling pretty good this morning.
    I have an alarm clock which crows like a rooster and announces the time and lots of times I hit the snooze button and say my early morning prayers of thanksgiving.
    10 minutes later I may hit it again and say some more prayers of thanksgiving; you see I have a lot to be thankful for.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

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