Spiritual Maintenance

Lately, it seems as though I am amazed at the idea of having time in the Program – and I have to ask myself “how.”  How did that happen – and my answer is always the same – I did it one day at a time.  Alcoholics Anonymous is a simple program, not always an easy one, but it is quite simple in design and structure.  For these twenty-four hours I make the decision not to drink,  For these twenty-four hours I make the decision to work the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  For these twenty-four hours I make the decision to place my life and my will in the hands of my Higher Power, God.  I don’t have to fret and worry about not drinking for the rest of my life, I just have to make the decision not to drink for this day, this here, this now.  If I ask God for a daily reprieve, it will be granted – so I only concern myself with my sobriety for right now.  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not arrived as yet – there is only now, right now. Blessed!!

Today's view
Today’s view


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Maintenance

  1. The program is simple and relatively easy. The hard part is doing it every day.
    I can get lazy and say I’ll do step 10 tomorrow. I can get smug (resting on my spiritual laurels) and decide I don’t need to do it as often. I can get bored and decide I have outgrown AA. Time to find someone I can help.

  2. yes, I am granted a daily reprieve based only on the “maintenance” of my spiritual condition. spirituality isn’t something i get once and am good to go. if i think of it like a battery, it needs to be constantly recharged to provide the power when needed. grateful for the gift. trudge well my friends.

  3. deceit – double agendas – the victim thinks they are getting one thing, but the reality is they are getting something else
    love bombing – showering of new members with love and affection to make them feel special
    childish games to cause age regression and encourage obedience
    no questions or criticism of the leadership is allowed
    new members are usually accompanied by more experienced members and are not given time alone to think
    loaded language – complex ideas are condensed into short sound bites which means the members think less
    chanting, singing, dancing, body therapies – all reduce critical thinking
    spying on peers and reporting misdeeds to the leadership
    creation of dependency by alternating rewards and punishments for the same behavior
    unpredictable behavior by abusers
    long boring, convoluted speeches
    verbal abuse, criticism, insults
    no criticism of the new doctrine is allowed
    threats of jails, institutions and death
    small rewards for desired behaviors, punishments for unwanted behaviors
    all-powerful leaders who decide everything
    victims usually ignorant of what happens next

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