Recreation And Creativity

Being in recovery means that I have time to work on me and my Program. Time to fill in those hours which were previously spent in some dark, seedy bar. Service to others is encouraged in A.A. I believe in “passing it on.” I’m a big fan of Dancing With the Stars, and watch it every week. I keep score and love seeing the costumes of the dancers. Some people enjoy cooking, while others enjoy various sports – there are those who are still young enough to run, jump, and do other forms of physical activity. My hobbies are milder but I still find them enjoyable, and some are productive, as well. There are many ways to enjoy my spare time – being sober, I look for ways to have simple, wholesome fun. Being sober not only feels right, it is right.



4 thoughts on “Recreation And Creativity

    • Grapevine Quote

      October 21
      “Only by accepting my powerlessness over alcohol did I begin to discover the powers that alcohol had obliterated: God, health, truth, love, nature, fellowship, humor, creativity, and even simple daily kindness.”
      Barrington, Ill., June 2007
      “In Your Bones”
      Into Action

      I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic.

      • Conversion
        We are already in relationship with God, but we grow in that relationship by being INTENTIONAL about it and by PAYING ATTENTION to it. And as we give ourselves over to this process of transformation, conversion happens.

        -Br. David Vryhof —

  1. Yes, we are always surrounded by His presence and His eternally patient love.
    But I didn’t know it.
    And I couldn’t see it.
    And I sure as heck didn’t want to hear about it.
    Not because I was bad; She/He/Spirit of the Universe doesn’t care about that so much; I know am loved, in spite of myself.
    Not because I was stupid or evil.
    But because I was frightened, and didn’t even know it.
    I was so scared that all things seemed to be about me, just so I could survive.
    But as I spent time with you jokers, and began to accept peace and love and acceptance and witness miracles, eventually I became you, and I entered the World of the Spirit.
    All I did was to stay amongst you and to do as you did.
    Grateful for the Gift

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