Thoughts About Recovery

As a sponsor, remember you can carry the word, but not the person.
When alcoholics are ready, you can’t keep the program from them; when they’re not, you can’t give the program away.
I didn’t get what I wanted from AA;
I got what I needed.
It’s a lot easier to stay sober than to get sober.
False Evidence Appearing Real
Anyone like to share more? We have our granddaughter Chloe for the weekend, LOLDSC_0043 (1)


3 thoughts on “Thoughts About Recovery

  1. Speaking of unity; what are the first 3 letters in the word?


    Pronounced here in the deep South: “You ‘n I”

    That grabs me!

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. We come lost, forlorn, broken
    We are pariahs, cast out by ourselves, separated from our souls
    We sit dazed, amazed, detached, yet perhaps fascinated
    We might return, and may even gradually become enthralled
    We may not.
    But some of us stay, at least for today, and redemption ensues.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. we can carry the message, but not the mess.
    if i get involved in every little detail of others, then my sobriety is at risk.
    keep trudging and be well.

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