Step Eleven urges me to improve my conscious contact with God, as I understand Him, and I pray for knowledge of His will for me. I also pray for the power to carry His will out. My life has made 180 degree u-turn since beginning the process of recovery and I must say that I like this part of my life. I am grateful for all my “gifts” that God has blessed me with in these, my latter years. This has been a reminder for me as I tend to get “self” focused, and forget to pray. I belong to a prayer group and just received some additions to our current list, and it reminded me that one of ours just passed, and another needs prayers as her husband is in a coma. There is always someone who can use a prayer or two. I resolve to do better in this area. I resolve to pray at least throughout the day, my list of those needing prayer grows each day, and so should my resolve to do a better job of communicating with my Higher Power. The shortest prayer I know is: Thanks, God!