Sought Through Prayer

Step Eleven urges me to improve my conscious contact with God, as I understand Him, and I pray for knowledge of His will for me. I also pray for the power to carry His will out. My life has made 180 degree u-turn since beginning the process of recovery and I must say that I like this part of my life. I am grateful for all my “gifts” that God has blessed me with in these, my latter years. This has been a reminder for me as I tend to get “self” focused, and forget to pray. I belong to a prayer group and just received some additions to our current list, and it reminded me that one of ours just passed, and another needs prayers as her husband is in a coma. There is always someone who can use a prayer or two. I resolve to do better in this area. I resolve to pray at least throughout the day, my list of those needing prayer grows each day, and so should my resolve to do a better job of communicating with my Higher Power. The shortest prayer I know is: Thanks, God!


3 thoughts on “Sought Through Prayer

  1. This has become so deeply ingrained in my life each morning, that I think I might panic if I found myself without the resources I read each day.
    I’m just so grateful for the blessings I’ve received from this practice alone, not to mention from the rest of the principles of our program.
    I’m living the dream!!!

  2. Top of the midday day family,
    Who be the best advice giver?
    – The One who created me.
    Step 11, Asking for help to treat myself and others the way I desire Divine Mercy to treat me.
    As HarryS says, help me – help you – help me.
    As porky pig would say, th-th-th-That’s all Folks.
    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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