God has done for me what I could not do for myself. Today I am capable of change and growth, I know that my life continues to change through the Program, and my willingness to “work” the Steps. Through persistence I have grown spiritually and now work to be of service to others. My Higher Power helped me to begin the process of change we call recovery, and I was able to stop using and abusing my body with alcohol and drugs. Amazing changes have taken place in my life, once I stepped over the threshold of the A.A. door. There is a positive spiritual behavior for every negative one. When I am unsure of what my reaction should be, I remember this and try to turn my behavior from negative to positive by practicing one of the Spiritual Principles. And now with an awesome suggestion from Tom S,  “come to a full and complete stop, look both directions, disengage the transmission, set the emergency brake, turn off the ignition, unfasten my seat belt, exit the vehicle and close the door. Then get on my knees and pray for stillness and peace.” 😎