Regrets, I’ve had a few – that sounds like an old Frank Sinatra song. Anyway, I do have some regrets.  Does it do me any good to constantly berate myself for these regrets? No.  Can I change them in any way?  No.  Can I make amends for some of them? Maybe, but for the most part, they are gone from the future and now reside in the past. I believe that coming to terms with living in the present was one of the great benefits to sobriety in A.A. In looking back, I can see where I was constantly beating myself up for not doing something or for doing something. It was a “no win” situation however I looked at it. I used these regrets as excuses to get drunk/loaded many times. The ONE thing I CAN do about them is to recognize them for what they are and release the hold they have on me. They are over, they are done. The best I can do is to keep going forward and acknowledge my growth in the Program.