The emotional part of listening enters into the equation when I listen. If I am angry at the person for a personal wrong, I may not hear what is being said.  If I am focused on my own problems, I may not hear the other person’s.  Step Eleven calls for prayer and meditation, and many are confused as to how to meditate.  My thought is that meditation is simply being still in both voice and mind. Allowing God to “speak” to us about our problems.  If I’m doing all the talking, chances are I won’t be doing the listening.  Our greater conscious contact is a reaching out to God for understanding, clarity of my actions, and thoughts.  Quite often I “get it” later, after the conversation is long over.  All of a sudden I will come to know what was intended by a certain action or phrase.  I have determined that this is when God has decided that I am finally in a place where I am ready to receive the message, or the lesson. Before, I may not have been in a place where understanding was possible.