Comfortable Sobriety

Living life one day at a time was the beginning of a life change unlike anything I ever experienced before. The first half of my life was filled with struggles, problems, and challenges. Now this, the second part of my life, is filled with peace, serenity and sobriety. The difference between the two is allowing the God of my understanding to “take control.” The difference is embracing recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous. And, finally, the difference is being blessed with acceptance, willingness, humility, honesty, faith, and the Spiritual Principles as practiced in the Program. I live a life of victory over alcohol and other substances, and I live a life of comfortable recovery. I never knew that life could be this good. I do not crave a drink, I do not crave any mind altering substances. I do not struggle to be sober each day. I work to remain sober, sane, and serene thanks to A.A., and as always, Thanks, God.


3 thoughts on “Comfortable Sobriety

  1. November 9
    We Are All Part of the Great Work
    A comment on Spiritual Exercises 362:
    “We should be more ready to approve and praise the orders, recommendations, and way of acting of our superiors than to find fault with them.”
    In today’s world, this inclination to praise rather than blame and always assume the person is operating out of sincere motives, is sorely needed. We seem to have forgotten that we are all part of the Great Work, that all persons are an expression of God’s loving presence— even those whose opinions are totally different than ours. They are still expressing some truth. And we need to look for the truth and build together on that foundation rather than focus on differences and tear each other apart. —Pat Carter, “Ignatius of Loyola— Model for Lay Spirituality,”

    This principle sets a high standard; we don’t just avoid unpleasantness, but actually praise and approve others. It means recognizing that other people often have better ideas than we do. The next time your boss or teacher or pastor makes an important decision, praise them publicly.
    — Manney, Jim. An Ignatian Book of Days

    Remember that the 1st three letters in the word unity is UNI.
    In my part of the country that’s pronounced “You ‘n I”.

    Just as we recovering alcoholics need this concept, so does our beloved country.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. Top of the midafternoon day family,
    The world uses trickery/deception to lose focus. When self stays in this hover pattern, I will get frustrated with Divine Mercy. Then self starts believing that He has forgotten me. This insane thinking always jettisons me into gluttony of self.
    Anyone can exclaim Divine Mercy is golden when everything is going as planned.But can I rejoice on a mountain top when it doesn’t. Can I rejoice in His glory when my biscuits are falling off?
    As my weller’ often tells me: When the crap hits the fan, God and you will enjoy the breeze together.

    It’s a good day for I’m right where I need to be.

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