Living life one day at a time was the beginning of a life change unlike anything I ever experienced before. The first half of my life was filled with struggles, problems, and challenges. Now this, the second part of my life, is filled with peace, serenity and sobriety. The difference between the two is allowing the God of my understanding to “take control.” The difference is embracing recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous. And, finally, the difference is being blessed with acceptance, willingness, humility, honesty, faith, and the Spiritual Principles as practiced in the Program. I live a life of victory over alcohol and other substances, and I live a life of comfortable recovery. I never knew that life could be this good. I do not crave a drink, I do not crave any mind altering substances. I do not struggle to be sober each day. I work to remain sober, sane, and serene thanks to A.A., and as always, Thanks, God.