Listen, Feel, Accept

I love the Serenity Prayer, it always reminds me of who is in charge, and it’s not me. I have had days in my recovery where I simply paced the floor, reciting the prayer, over and over again. It brings me peace, it quiets my mind, and it strengthens my courage to change. When I was new to A.A. I looked at others in amazement and wonder. At first, I doubted what I heard, and was quite sure that others in the rooms were drinking secretly. Especially those who claimed years of sobriety. I just didn’t believe long-term sobriety was possible. Over time I began to accept the idea of recovery, and eventually I came to terms with the possibility of living a different life. A life of courage, wisdom and serenity. Recovery is a process, and it is one that grew in my life, like a flower in the month of April, rising up to find the light. Once I made the decision to be open to the idea of a Higher Power, the rest was all a matter of trust, faith, and acceptance.

A pic for my KIWI Friends!! Thanks Tom S
A pic for my KIWI Friends!!
Thanks Tom S

11 thoughts on “Listen, Feel, Accept

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in his hand.
    My soul rests with him, my Anamchara.

    The lady is describing her spiritual journey in her book entitled the “Art of Letting Go”.

    At first I was mystified for she is describing a powerful part she identifies as “Self” and she keeps referring to some mysterious actions of “Self” which begs a question, what in the hoot is this “Self” she is referring to.

    Our Big Book declares that deep down inside every person is the fundamental idea of God or for people who shy away from the idea of God, higher power.

    After delving into her book for a few chapters it becomes apparent that her spiritual journey in her own language is very much similar to mine in my words.

    God’s grace and mercy are limitless and are new every morning.

    Do you suppose they are here with us this morning?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. And my answer to Harry’s rhetorical question?
    …of course they are!
    Always, always, always….absolutely nothing we can do can alter their presence.
    Of course, I can hide, deny and delude myself endlessly that they’re not.
    I can dwell in fear and regret and recrimination in subjugation to my ego, preserving some sort of temporal, illusory sense of control.
    I can get drunk and make it all, for a time, go away…
    But, eventually, you showed me that I could open my eyes, breathe in slowly, find my heart, and yours, and connect with The Great Truth, which is that we dwell in Love.
    Grateful for the Gift

      • Amazing is the right word. I just don’t get why someone unable to stay sober has anything to say about staying sober? I think I would find it more helpful for you to tell me why it’s so hard. I could relate to that.

        • It’s not hard at all Jiminy. There is nothing you have to relate to but your own sobriety. You don’t have to read the blog either. That’s your prerogative. My long term sobriety consisted of over 16 yrs, until I relapsed. I stopped going to meetings after a tragic event in my life. I stopped helping others. I had secrets from molestation in my childhood Jiminy that I had NEVER put on my 4th step. It talks about this in the Big Book, and our only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. I have a new sponsor have completed my steps thouroghly, and am grateful to be alive. I hope this helps, is it…Jiminy?

  3. Thank you for your shares SMB and this 24 readers. I love the picture of the beautiful ocean. Thank you Tom S.
    For me sobriety has to be one day at a time, I have to go to meetings if I want to stay in recovery. I liked what SMB saI’d each person has to figure out what is best for them. The suggestions in the big book are and still valuable to me. The mtgs and other aa members help me in recovery by them sharing their experience, strength and hope. For me November is Gratitude Month. I am grateful for this24.

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