I love the Serenity Prayer, it always reminds me of who is in charge, and it’s not me. I have had days in my recovery where I simply paced the floor, reciting the prayer, over and over again. It brings me peace, it quiets my mind, and it strengthens my courage to change. When I was new to A.A. I looked at others in amazement and wonder. At first, I doubted what I heard, and was quite sure that others in the rooms were drinking secretly. Especially those who claimed years of sobriety. I just didn’t believe long-term sobriety was possible. Over time I began to accept the idea of recovery, and eventually I came to terms with the possibility of living a different life. A life of courage, wisdom and serenity. Recovery is a process, and it is one that grew in my life, like a flower in the month of April, rising up to find the light. Once I made the decision to be open to the idea of a Higher Power, the rest was all a matter of trust, faith, and acceptance.

A pic for my KIWI Friends!! Thanks Tom S

A pic for my KIWI Friends!!
Thanks Tom S