Forgive And Forget

In the Program of Alcoholic Anonymous I have been blessed to learn much in the way of how I treat myself and others. Recovery is, at a very basic level, learning to be Honest, having Hope and above all else embracing Faith in a power greater than ourselves. When I work towards those goals, I find that my resentments grow dim. I don’t have time for resentments, anger, and wrong action. I take this life a day at a time and work to remain willing to do whatever is needed in support of God and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Forgiveness of the wrongs committed by others is the key to opening my heart to all. When I forgive others I find that I have little time left for anger, resentment and wrong doing. I work to remain on my own path – the path to serenity and peace. I am at peace within. I am continuing to grow and change through the process we call recovery. I am blessed. WE are blessed.

Photo Courtesy of MX
Photo Courtesy of MX


7 thoughts on “Forgive And Forget

  1. Grapevine Quote

    November 11
    “We can’t grow without giving ourselves space for silence and the voice within.”
    Greenwich Village, New York, December 1997

    “Oh God, You Again?”

    God Always Surprises Us! Newness often makes us fearful, including the newness God brings us, the newness God asks of us. We are like the apostles in the Gospel: often we would prefer to hold on to our own security, to stand in front of a tomb, to think about someone who has died, someone who ultimately lives on only as a memory, like the great historical figures from the past. Dear brothers and sisters, we are afraid of God’s surprises! He always surprises us! The Lord is like that. —Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy

    Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain. Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed. —Isaiah 40: 4– 5 — Manney, Jim.

    Whenever see something published that I really like I try to use it for God’s glory.
    It’s called the “Wisdom of the ages”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. Top of the golden Colorado morning family,
    It’s self that forgets God’s benefits.
    It’s God that forgives my forgetting.
    Forgive + Forgiveness = Freedom.
    Pretty schaweeet deal!
    Does God settle for:
    – My good enough attitude?
    – Good enough for government work?
    – Play it / live it on self’s safe side?
    Faith in Divine Mercy goes up against everything around us. My eyes, ears, smeller/taster, and perception tells me that I should play it safe. Self tells me to go forward with what I can see.
    Faith compels one to believe and do the impossible.
    What the world gives; the world will take back…
    What Divine Mercy gives: will never be taken back!
    It’s i, self, me that lets go of His loving hand.

    It’s a good day for mountain biking and extra cheese on the nacho’s day!

  3. Hello my dear friends! I’ve been reading you all for the last couple of months and not contributing as I hit a brick wall and did some more research over the last six weeks of the summer. Ive made it back, stronger than ever, and wanted to share some things, especially after reading Jiminy’s comments from yesterday.
    The hard part was recognizing that a “trigger” for drinking (for me it’s moving and being away from my support systems), should be taken very seriously. I thought I could handle a physical move with careful planning but I didn’t realize that staying too long would put my recovery in jeopardy. It happened very fast and very hard.
    The hard part coming back was, that although I had the desire to stop drinking, sometimes an AA meeting would have me at the liquor store immediately afterwards. My will was totally overcome by the desire to obliterate.
    The hard part was to keep going to meetings when sometimes they would soothe but sometimes not. This, for me, is important. Had I stopped going to meetings and stopped talking with other alcoholics, I know I would be at the bottom of that rabbit hole.
    The hard part was getting my faith back. Life had become overwhelming and my faith in a higher power eluded me. However, doing the “hard” work of doing 90 meetings in 90 days, meeting with my sponsor and talking “honestly” with fellow alcoholics, started a process where my faith began to return, the desire to drink faded and a light came back in view.
    Did I start at day 1 like I did back in 1986? Absolutely not! My 20 years of cummulative recovery have given me a pretty strong foundation. There was little fun when I started to drink again, out of my control, almost immediately. That higher power states we are where we are supposed to be on any given day. I believe that. I also believe we are given free will and that when we are going down a slippery slope and are aware of what the consequences could be, we also have the ability to be open, honest and willing to do the things that can bring us back to the light of day.
    Im so glad to be back, contributing on this24. Its been part of my recovery for over 5 years.(I don’t remember when some of us first met on Daily Reflections by anonymous).
    Anyway, Jiminy, I hope this answers some of your questions. We do tend to focus on the solution rather than those hard times, yet, I believe you’re sincere about wanting to hear the difficult parts. Hope it helps.
    Mags (a weight has been lifted) grateful, recovering alcoholic.

  4. Thank you for your honesty and Love Mags!! You put it perfectly when you said “when we are going down a slippery slope and are aware of what the consequences could be, we also have the ability to be open, honest and willing to do the things that can bring us back to the light of day.” That was exactly how it needed to be for me! Once the phenomenon of craving was there, as stated in the Doctors opinion, nothing could stop me except by asking my Higher Power for help, after hitting bottom….that was the first step for me. I am so grateful all those years ago that you were on the other site. That when the site had to shut down, ZUZU and OGGY, and a few others were there to start This24. The journey from then has been amazing, although sometimes rocky. Most importantly, thank you for being there when I was at my bottom. You encouraged me to be honest and to tell This24 what had been going on. I love you from the bottom of my heart!! WE ROCK.

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