My Partner In Sobriety

I know that today my Higher Power guides me. I feel it inside my body, when I am on the right path. When I divert from the right path, feelings are jumbled. I know when I do wrong and when I do right – the difference today is that I acknowledge these feelings, as best I can. I don’t do this Program perfectly as most of you know, but I am improving because I remain open to the idea of change and growth and put it into action. Life is life and it can still be challenging, but with God as a partner in this crazy world, I feel truly blessed. I can “walk” through the tough times and find solutions. I can get the strength and courage I need from working with others, prayers, and my own participation in recovery. The Program gives me a Step by Step guide that promises me serenity and peace if I follow suggestions. Today I have faith; faith in the Program, faith in myself and faith in the God of my understanding.


4 thoughts on “My Partner In Sobriety

  1. We opened with the hymn above–and critiqued it after we sang it. How could we sing without irony that “our defense is sure” when already that day hundreds of stories of copycat harassment and physical attacks were popping up? Some of the reports included: a Muslim woman on the street had her hijab ripped off, and was told to strangle herself with it. Dozens of boys reportedly grabbed girls’ vaginas in the hall at school, saying “if the President can do it, so can I.” Swastikas were painted in school bathrooms and on billboards. Students and adults, in many different parts of the country, yelled at Latinos to “go home to Mexico, we’re getting that wall now.” The N word and gay slurs enjoyed a fine resurgence, spat hatefully at shocked strangers. – Molly Baksette

    One of the first things they told me when I came into Alcoholics Anonymous was, “Stick with the Winners”.
    I thought, where in the hell will I find the winners?
    The fact is and was that I had already found them in the rooms of AA.
    Then I found that there and elsewhere were many.
    Also found them on the pages of our BIG BOOK.
    They were on the printed pages of the holiest of books.
    They were in worlds of companion literature which apparently started to materialize almost out of nowhere.
    As I started to pay attention to the Wisdom of the Ages I was amazed.
    Next thing I knew was the declaration that when one is amazed it is from God.

    On and on it went and goes.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12 stepper.

  2. Tom S… are you ok?? Just heard about the earthquake in NZ and possibly a sunami?! Our hearts are with you and your country.❤️

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Today, I have solution for successful living in all area’s of my life.
    Today, I can ask for patience and resolve to love my enemies.
    It’s easy to pessamistic: it takes no action. Being optimistic takes drive.
    Its easy to negative: it takes no action. Being positive takes drive.

    I’m not what I did, I’m what I do today.
    The sun rose again this morning.
    Thank you God, one less thingy to worry about.

    Its a good day to serve and share day.

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