I know that today my Higher Power guides me. I feel it inside my body, when I am on the right path. When I divert from the right path, feelings are jumbled. I know when I do wrong and when I do right – the difference today is that I acknowledge these feelings, as best I can. I don’t do this Program perfectly as most of you know, but I am improving because I remain open to the idea of change and growth and put it into action. Life is life and it can still be challenging, but with God as a partner in this crazy world, I feel truly blessed. I can “walk” through the tough times and find solutions. I can get the strength and courage I need from working with others, prayers, and my own participation in recovery. The Program gives me a Step by Step guide that promises me serenity and peace if I follow suggestions. Today I have faith; faith in the Program, faith in myself and faith in the God of my understanding.