Letting Go Of The Negatives

Being rejected by others was something I experienced most of my life. I was rejected by other kids at school, and I was rejected by my family as being a “problem.” I was angry and belligerent all the time, and mostly I had a monumental amount of self-pity. Never did I equate my behavior to my feelings – not until I got into the Program, anyway. My dishonesty brought me to feelings of being bad. My intolerance of others brought me to feelings of being inferior. I did not realize that I accepted all these negative emotions as being just something I deserved, after all I was a defective person. For every positive spiritual principle, there is a negative. I lived and accepted the negative behaviors as something I deserved, for years and years. Until I completely took that FIRST step and accepted that I was powerless, did I get power back into my life. How did you Let Go?


2 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Negatives

  1. Thank the Lord for this day and for all that is in it.
    My times are in His hand.
    My soul rests with Him, my Anamchara.

    Unless I become as a little child I have very little chance of knowing The Kingdom of God.

    My gosh! I am approaching 85 years of age on this beautiful planet one of gazillions in this universe and on first hearing this, my immediate reaction was one of extreme doubt.

    So it’s taken me quite a long time to know that this refers to becoming childlike and certainly not childish for being childlike is to be in a world of awe and wonder and to expecting endless discovery.

    I want to thank my mother who always said when I was trying to be proud of some report card or accomplishment, “You Could’ve Done Better Than This” which at that time being in a childish mindset I took to mean that I was never good enough but she was implying there was a world of infinite possibilities open to me.
    I’m so glad I finally got this right after living my life and for the most part of it never feeling like I was good enough to understand this is only a childish interpretation and it’s a pity to get stamped for life in wrongful understanding.

    Thank you God for infinite insight which may be sought.

    Harry,gaunt Prospector.

  2. Top of the burry cold colorado morning family,
    Frustration is a negative feeling. This posture is a “billboard sign” telling me that something in my prayer life is wrong:
    – What are You saying to me?
    – What change of mission are You revealing to me?
    – My go to, what are You up to?????
    – Please grace me with encourgement to escape self; lead me not into temptation….
    – Please redirect my thinking to someone else that I can be of service?
    – Please grace me with your promise: Whoever has God lacks nothing…
    – Please humble me to own the desires You have for me and help me take ownership of these desires.

    Oldy but always a goodie of Letting GO,
    There is an old story of a man that fell down a cliff, but before falling to his certain death, he was able to grab hold of a limb protruding from the side of the cliff. As he grips the limb with all his might, he hears a voice from the top of the cliff.
    Hello the voice says. The man hanging on for his dear life frantically yells to a
    figure that he cannot quite make out. The man says, “Yes, please help me. I am loosing my grip. Please help me. A calm voice comes from the top of the cliff, “Do not worry my child. It is God. All you have to do is let go.” There is a long pause. The man looks down and the 200 feet drop and the raging river
    below…takes a deep breath…and yells back, “Is there anyone else up there?”

    Today, I’m learning that my humility is proportional to my level of asking for help.
    Its a good day to have a good day in the cold.

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