Shopping Attitudes

At this time of year patience goes a long way. There will be lines, there will be those who are impatient, in a hurry, and those who do not have the benefit of understanding the spiritual principles. I try to give myself time so that I won’t be rushed, hurried, and lack the patience it requires. Maintaining a sense of humor is also a good thing, especially when I am standing in line for along period of time. I try to find things to do, like texting a friend, balancing my checkbook, smiling and waving at a young child – there are things I can do. Maybe I can bring my headphones so I can listen to some good tunes, or a good speaker. I try to behave as I want others to. I’m certainly not perfect at this, but I continue to work towards these and other good behaviors. I do this in the hope that I will serve as an example to others of how the Program has helped me be a better person. One who can “shop” with a smile on her face.


4 thoughts on “Shopping Attitudes

  1. The nearest we ever get to perfection is spiritual progress.

    Some say it is perfection.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Top of the morning family,
    Today I don’t have to borrow from tomorrow and cash it in on today.
    – Am I paying the bills of anxiety?
    – Am I paying the bills of fear?
    – Am I paying the bills of frustration?
    – Am I paying the bills of self-criticism?
    – Am I paying the bills of guilt?
    Divine Mercy provides me a life free from guilt, shame, regret, and from my daily errors.
    Today, I know where to go for “clean up on aisle three”.
    Today, I have access to the easy button, “God”.
    Today, I have a chance…..
    My misery, His mercy

    It’s a good day to have a golden day.

  3. God specializes in the impossible so that when the victory is won and the task is complete, we cannot take any credit. Others know we didn’t do it, and we know we didn’t do it. We must always remember that we can only live the Christian life and serve God through the power of His Holy Spirit. As soon as we think we can handle it on our own, we become useless to Him. We have to be willing to get out of the way, let God take over, and let Him overshadow us.

    This I read this morning, on one of my readings. I am learning not to take credit for things that the things that I do that are positive and are God’s will not mine. Thanks for everyone’s shares. Kt

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