Practicing the Principles in all my affairs means that I strive for positive behaviors and work to rid myself of the negative behaviors of old. Instead of conceit, I practice humility; instead of dishonesty, I practice integrity; instead of being resentful, I practice forgiveness; instead of envy, I practice generosity, etc. There is much to learn in the Program. It has become, for me, a continual growth and change in behaviors – from the negative to the positive. My old ways no longer work in my life, but the new behaviors are there and constantly require my attention and dedication. No one works this Program perfectly, but in looking back at how I was and comparing that to how I am today – I can and do see the growth in my life. Now it’s my turn to share my experiences relating to others what I do to get to the other side of anger, impatience, fear, and all those others negative behaviors. A.A. provides me with ways to change. AMEN