More Of 12

(Before the reflection I’d like to ask for prayers for our friend Tom S, as he is at Standing Rock along with all the other Veterans. I know it’s an outside issue, just asking for the prayers! Thank you)
It was easy to blame others for my poor choices, I just “knew” that if I could get so and so to straighten up, my life would be better. The spiritual aspect of the Program has brought me to a place of wanting to be helpful, both inside and outside the Program of A.A. I try to keep this in mind, particularly when I am attending meetings outside my regular meetings. Courtesy goes a long way in A.A., and I look to others to teach me how to be courteous, kind, and understanding. I try to be equal in all my relationships with others in the Program. I do not pick and choose who I will befriend, I work to respond to anyone asking for help and understanding. The daily moral inventory helps me to stay on track to a “higher ground.” Reviewing my day, and looking for those character defects and shortcomings affords me the chance to identify and rid myself of negative behaviors.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!
Photo courtesy of Maggs!

7 thoughts on “More Of 12

  1. Meditation for the Day

    Give something to those who are having trouble, to those whose thoughts are confused, something of your sympathy, your prayers, your time, your love, your thought, your self. Then give of your own confidence, as you have had it given to you by the grace of God. Give of yourself and of your loving sympathy. Give your best to those who need it and will accept it. Give according to need, never according to deserts. Remember that the giving of advice can never take the place of giving of your self.– 24 Hours a Day

    I’m Harry, Grateful alcoholic and the Lord and twelve stepper.

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