(Sorry for the late/early post.)
My sense of well-being has definitely improved, and I believe it is the direct result of my participation in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I no longer dwell in a state of anger and isolation, today my mood is one of anticipated good feelings, a sense of sincere caring for others, and a true inner peace. A spiritual awakening, for me, is no more and no less than an awareness and acceptance of a power at work in the universe, greater than me, greater than my addiction to alcohol, and greater than the insanity in which I lived for so many years. The spiritual principles are my guides today, they help me direct my behavior towards a higher plane, and have enabled me to rise above the anger, and that ever-present “self” that was self-ish, self-serving, and self-justifying. I sincerely care for others today, and have also benefited from accepting and admitting my powerlessness over alcohol.