I came to the rooms alone, ashamed, and angry. Why was my life so screwed up?   What made me so different from others? Come to find out I had more similarities with others in the rooms, than I ever knew.  It was through observing other women in the rooms that I began to have any sense of hope for myself.  I listened to their stories and thought: “Well, if they can do it, maybe I have a chance.”  Initially I found more differences than I did similarities. A woman member told me after a meeting to look for the similarities, not the differences. That changed my perspective, and I found that I related to many members, both female and male.  I recognized the insanity of alcoholism in my life.  I began to see my part in my life, and how my bad choices had brought me to where I was.  I thank the God of my understanding for leading me to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I love the Program, I love my fellow alcoholics, and I love the me that God wants me to be.