It warms my heart to step into an A.A. meeting hall and hear someone say “Hi, Bonnie.”  I see friends that I may not have seen for a while, and I see the newcomer, if there is one, who is looking unsure and fearful.  I remember my first days and how I was afraid .  I say hello to friends and “family” members, and I find a seat – usually near someone I know.  I try to calm my mind, and say a few silent prayers.  I smile at anyone whose eye I catch.  These are my “peeps” and I know most of them by name.  I love the readings as they bring my focus to the current events inside the four walls of the fellowship hall.  I share most of the time, when asked to do so.  I listen to the person sharing and memories of similar doings come and go in my mind.  I hear recovery, I hear sobriety, I hear solutions and I hear the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I leave the meeting hall feeling better somehow for having attended a meeting.  Life is good, life is blessed this day, this here, and this now!

photo from Maggs... ♥♥♥

photo from Maggs… ♥♥♥