The Way

Happiness is defined as a pleasurable or satisfying experience; a state of well-being and contentment; joy; good fortune, and lastly prosperity.  I believe that happiness is when I feel good about my behavior.  I try to not let the feelings of others define my happiness, as I have no control over the behavior of others.  I can still feel happy when others around me are not.  Whenever I do the right thing, I feel happy.  Just as I do not feel happy when I do the wrong thing . . . I get feelings from my actions, behaviors and the world around me.  Seeing a baby smile brings feelings of being happy to me. I am happy when I can help others physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  I trust in God to guide me to the right path, the path to happiness and contentment.


2 thoughts on “The Way

  1. For me happiness is not about feeling good about my behavior. When I act, even when I don’t want to, in such a way that my behavior is good then eventually I feel happy. Happiness is a by product not a goal. My role on this earth is to be of maximum usefulness to my fellows.
    I am grateful to have this24 as a part of my recovery. I do not comment everyday but I do read everyday. Thanks to SMB for acting to keep this blog going no matter what.

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