Self Concern

(From AA Thought for Today)

If we cannot or will not achieve sobriety, then we become truly lost, right in the here and now.
We are of no value to anyone, including ourselves, until we find salvation from alcohol.
Therefore, our own recovery and spiritual growth have to come first—
a right and necessary kind of self-concern.
– As Bill Sees It, p. 81

Thought to Ponder . . .
It is simple, it is selfish, it is AA, and it works wonders.

Tonight'so Sunset
Tonight’s Sunset

8 thoughts on “Self Concern

  1. Happy New year my dear cyber AA freinds.Yes, Sobriety must always be numer one in our life. Without it we cant do anything else. Happy New Year!. I pray that everyone has a joyous and safe NYE. I plan to stay home tonight as usual and at midnight go up to my roof to see the fireworks. A nice dinner beforehand with family and freinds. Will try to spend as much time as possible meditating on the goals for the new year, and ask for G-ds guidance as only he knows what is best for me in this great plan of life. We are all interconnected. I have finally come to realize that AA and its fellowship is a great blessing. What would we do without it. Jails, institutions and death. it took me a long time but i am now very greatful. I hate to bring up sad news but 3 young newcomers passed away from fentynyl. A deadly new drug. Please add this to your prayer list. They were only 18 and early 20’s. Love you all and thank you for your service. Namaste,Tree

  2. Just wondering.

    Is doing something good for ourselves selfish?

    Doesn’t it say, “Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF”?

    They tell me you can’t give it away, if you don’t have it,

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

    • Thank you Harry for your dedication in sharing G-ds “Golden Nuggets” on a daily basis. It helps me more than you can imagine. And everone else’s as well. Love, Tree

  3. When I came in I was selfish, for sure; all thought, action and emotion centred upon my egoic self.
    And you said “to thine own self be true”
    You might as well have asked me to express the cube root of infinity in Sanskrit.
    And then your patient example let me uncover another self, one lying dormant beneath the daily debris of my selfish life.
    As this True Self was resurrected, I gradually took on a new manner of living.
    One based on certain values and principles which proved to be reliably effective when consistently practiced.
    And I just came here to learn to drink like a gentleman.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. My recovery comes first. This is the best and most appreciated gift that I have given my family. Is it selfish to become a person whose first thought is how can I be of better service to my fellows? I don’t think so. Grateful to have the opportunity to wake up into another year and not to just come to with a blinding headache.

  5. I am Pete and I am an alcoholic. It is but for the grace of God and the fellowship of AA that I am looking forward to next year. I have lived in the past for to many, getting older but growing with everyone here day at a time.

  6. Heard at a meeting…….
    If you want to be sad think about the past.
    If you want to worry think about the future.
    If you want to be happy think about today.

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