Living Life

“A life of sane and happy usefulness” is what we are promised as the result of working the Twelve Steps.
– The Tools of Recovery, p. 6
I never imagined the extent of the spiritual solution to my alcoholism that I found in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. I knew there was reference to “God, as we understood Him” in Step 3, and again there was mention of God in Steps 5, 6, and Step 11 as well. At first I thought this might be a problem for me as I had not been “God conscious” in years. Someone with a knowledge of the Program told me not to worry about the spiritual… just focus on working the Steps and to Keep Coming Back. In other words to give it time, that my “awakening” would happen when I was ready, open and willing to consider this aspect of recovery in A.A. Some people are blessed to have a “white light” experience, which they view as a spiritual event. We each come to the idea of a “higher power” differently. For me, it was a slow process of acceptance and required that I be open minded, and willing to consider the possibility of a power greater than me. What was YOUR experience?

Santa Cruz 12/30/16 Dude made this sand structure.....pretty cool
Santa Cruz 12/30/16
Dude made this sand structure…..pretty cool

4 thoughts on “Living Life

  1. “Let it never be said that the spiritual way is a cowardly or escapist approach to life. On the contrary, it requires maximum diligence and persistence to seek divine guidance when all the evidence of our eyes and ears tries to tell us that life is largely physical, intellectual and emotional.”
    Jackson, Miss., November 1964

    “Let Go and Let God,”

    AA Grapevine

    Meditation for the Day

    You are so made that you can only carry the weight of twenty-four hours, no more. If you weigh yourself down with the years behind and the days ahead, your back breaks. God has promised to help with the burdens of the day only. If you are foolish enough to gather again that burden of the past and carry it, then indeed you cannot expect God to help you bear it. So forget that which lies behind you and breathe in the blessing of each new day.

    So let me get this straight; I only have to do this one day at a time, right?

    That’s right they said and added, “it may not be easy but it is simple”.

    So I put at almost never prayed began praying each morning what they instructed me to simply ask God to help me get through the day without having to take a drink of liquor.

    Something really strange happened.
    In short order I felt like something was surely helping me.

    God was making his “GRAND ENTRANCE”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. When I finally quit playing God, I experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of taking the steps.
    Plain and simple.
    I did the work and got the results.
    Not because I am good but because God is.
    Grateful for the Gift

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