A Solid Foundation

Daily participation in my own recovery is what I strive for however that may define itself. It’s up to me to reach out to others, to go to a meeting, to pray, and to work the Steps on whatever issue I am trying to overcome. There is one certainty that I know of when it comes to my sobriety-it takes my efforts along with the efforts of the God of my understanding for me to be blessed with any amount of true recovery. I have to be willing, and I have to maintain an open mind when it comes to having more than just abstinence from alcohol. If I truly desire peace, wisdom, integrity, honesty, patience and love-I need to remain willing to go to any length. It continues to amaze me just how little I know. I have faith in God and the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, everyday.


3 thoughts on “A Solid Foundation

  1. The first thing to do is to quit drinking.
    You can’t quit drinking, drinking!
    The next thing to do is ask for help.
    You can’t stay quit without help.
    Where does help come from?
    They suggested that I pray asking God to help me get through the day without taking a drink of liquor.
    Once God is consciously present all kinds of wonderful things happen.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12-stepper.

  2. Ultimately, I had to want it badly enough to do something differently than I had been doing each night for almost 25 years.
    Old habits do die hard, but it is in the dying that we are reborn, it is said.
    Some of us choose to be reborn within this lifetime, others to go straight to the grave.you made me welcome.
    You showed me the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love.
    You showed me how it was done and let me make my choice, when I finally became ready.
    You said all I needed to do then was to give it all away as freely as I had received it.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Top of the morning family,
    – Is it possible to clean one’s heart/soul?
    For me, nichts, nein, frankenstein. My soul will forever be in turmoil. Only through a relationship with God can one experience true joy, true freedom, true peace. Outside of His light is nothing but more!

    Divine Mercy is the Father of all second chances. His love and grace is far superior to my human weaknesses.
    God does for me what self can’t do:
    – forgives my daily weaknesses.
    – provides self-worth / self-esteem for His glory.
    – provides a path/direction that’s rock solid.
    – assimilation back into society, back into our blood family, and into His family.
    – Am I living a message of His hope? Self is incapable of forming/maintaining any type of relationship(s). My soul is only glorified through His Divine Mercy.
    God does for me what I cant see, what I can’t achieve, what “I” can’t do…
    Trust I must
    As the credit card commercial says, “what’s in your wallet?”

    It’s a good day to have a good day.

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