Laughter is good medicine, a phrase heard often in life, now it becomes a reality for the recovering alcoholic. Today, I can dare to laugh, dare to have hope for the future, and dare to believe that life does not have to be the misery we have had before recovery. I can now laugh with others when I make a mistake. I know they are not laughing at me, they are laughing with me; at my misstep, my flub. Hey, we’re human after all and capable of making errors at any time and it’s okay to laugh with others – it’s good for the soul, and good for our ego’s which have been a little over-sensitive because of our behavior while we were drinking. So loosen up, have a laugh, remember the time you did something so human, so wrong that it made others laugh – well they were not laughing at you they were laughing at their own ability to be human and therefor imperfect.