We said goodbye to a dear friend today. A sister in AA, part of my family. She would’ve had 35 years in March. Im exhausted right now, but wanted to post. Amanda would end each share with, “If no one has to you today, God loves you, and so do I!!” Yesterday was my 6 months. I have more clarity today than I’ve  had in 23 yrs. We can walk through ANYTHING sober! Hugs and Love my friends.


14 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Congratulations on your 6 months! I am so appreciative of your story and support to others ! The constant service to support people striving for recovery wears well and is a testimony for me and others! Thank you again for your love patience and tolerance!

  2. Top of the cold Colorado morning family,
    Fist bump for you Sister Bonnie
    May you be blessed with sloooooow recovery.
    All we have is the presence of now…
    It hurts to let go, but I’m slowly discovering that it hurts more to hold on.

    It’s a good day to have a good rest day.

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