In the Program, living in the “now” is encouraged and/or suggested. It teaches me to keep bringing my mind back to the reality of this moment, this here and now. I have been in the middle of a conversation when my mind takes off into la-la land, and then I have to stop and ask them to repeat themselves, once again. I can blame some of this to the aging process, but the bottom line is I was not paying attention. Checking my feelings is not something I consciously do but I usually I realize those thoughts later when I review my day as part of my inventory. Paying attention to those who are speaking to me is one way of respecting them.


7 thoughts on “Now

  1. I’m only eighty-five so I may not know about this aging process. I suppose as time goes on I may. 🙂

    May I grow in wisdom and in stature and favor with God and man.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Staying in this 24 hours is so important to me as i am still unemployed. I cannot worry about the future. I have to put it in G-ds iime. I know there is a lesson to be learned. Speaking of old age my hearing is starting to go. Im too young for that!! But have to face teality and chrck out hearing aids so people dont hsve to reprat themselves. Today is a good day to have a great Saturday . Love you all.Tree

  3. You told me to be in the present and I could not understand what in the world you were talking about.
    You told me to release the past and I got bound to it like a moth to fly paper
    You told me to not worry about the future and the sceptre of death transfixed me with fear
    You held me in love and bathed me in acceptance
    One day, eventually, I felt safe enough to try to do what you showed me worked for you
    And it worked for me, too
    And it still does, in this moment.
    Grateful for the Gift

  4. Top of the morning family,
    Whom am I following today?
    What am I seeking today?
    Divine Mercy doesn’t force one to follow him. His mercy / justice gives self the choice. If I choose to follow Him, then I’m marching towards a new life, a new freedom.
    That time is always now…
    Its a good day to have a good day.

  5. Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may see God’s meaning in my life. I pray that I may gladly accept what God has to teach me.

    Aging gracefully, for me that means I don’t have to fret about this and that. I like the fact that we can live one day at a time. Thanks be to our AA program and the members!

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