Sobriety First

My sobriety has to come first in my life, or nothing else will matter. I will lose all the goodness in my life. I will lose the love of my family, my granddaughter and each of you who care about me. I will lose my dignity, my faith, and all of my self-control. My trust, generosity, self-esteem, and humility would disappear in a hurry. Without my sobriety I would be lost, completely and totally. I have no doubt of this, no doubt at all. I believe I am blessed to have found the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and I believe it is only that fact and the restoration of my faith that has enabled me to have any sort of a life. Without it my life would be very different.


3 thoughts on “Sobriety First

  1. Who all who may I ask would not desire a clear thinking mind?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted 12-stepper.

  2. …yet, for those for whom sobriety does disappear, the rooms await patiently their return, the door always open, the welcome steadfastly present; redeeming those within and without.
    Pain is unavoidable you told me, but my suffering was optional.
    Grateful for the Gift

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