Inner Voice

I am learning to trust my inner voice. I know that when I feel uncomfortable I need to look at whatever’s making me feel that way. I try to filter my thoughts and sort out my feelings. This is a process, and one that may take me a while to do. I cannot trust my immediate response to changes as I am often too quick to respond. Later, I may regret my earlier response, and wish I hadn’t said what I did, or made the commitment I made. At first, I respond from an emotional level, and afterwards having taken the time to consider all the ramifications of the request, I find that my true response is quite different from the one I made. I have to allow myself time to completely understand the effect such changes will have on my life, and on my sobriety.


11 thoughts on “Inner Voice

  1. “We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.”

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. I find when I can take it to God and turn it over to Him, the sooner the answers will come…in the stillness He hears me….in the stillness, in peaceful contemplation, I feel His answer…to questions as of yet unasked, to my fears, to gladden my heart.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Thank you Sister Bonnie. I am learning the same. My son is even teaching me. Being an insecure alky i always thinkothers are riight and i must be wrong. At these times must consult with my HP. Love Tree

    • Nice seeing you here again Tree. There’s always something we can work on, right? Blessed to have another day. How’s the job front? Things should be looking up soon!!!

      • Hi Bonnie
        Still working on the job hunt. Im doing the foot work but G-d will find the right fit for me. Patience
        Below is a quote i read today and wanted to share.
        “There is no such thing as fate you make your own destiny. God is giving you Independence to shut out his power or let it in. You have more strength to overcome difficulties then you have troubles to overcome. You can remedy your mistakes because God is giving you reason and will. First you must make up your mind, then hold your will steadily to your purpose until it is completed. Discipline yourself to develop your sleeping spiritual Powers. Claim your divinity. Unite your Consciousness with God, and receive blessings direct form is hand.”
        Love Tree

  4. Top of the snowy Colorado morning family,
    What to do, what to do with our heartaches, soulaches, headaches, and our afflictions??
    Today, I have choices:
    – Dependence on Divine Mercy
    – Rely on self-sufficiency; my default setting.
    Today, I have choice:
    – I will face 1000’s of choices just for today.
    – Each choice comes one at a time.
    – Some will be golden; others will stink like a monkey.
    Today, I have choice:
    – Listening to the prosecution attorney of self.
    – Listen to the defense attorney of God’s spirit.
    – How much time do I give both
    We all have a defected character. God uses these weaknesses to teach us just how dependent we are upon Him. My weaknesses left unchecked always drive my life into the round-a-bout of mayhem.
    The One who has created us has given us the golden key to live in victory.
    That divine key is prayer.
    It’s a good day to have a good day. The outcome is mine to choose.

  5. Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I may learn the principles of the good life. I pray that I may meditate upon them and work at them, because they are eternal.

    I had the opportunity to visit w my sponsor about the 4th tradition . We were able to read from the 12 by 12 and discuss the importance of aa groups having the ability to be wrong, we discussed the group conscience and some of the principles of aa. What a valuable experience for me. She is in the midst of some pretty difficult chemo treatments and yet she took time with me to share her wealth of experience. I came away with alot of gratefulness and prayer for her comfort. I appreciate the shares today. Kt

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