I get spurts of enthusiasm now a days. In looking back I can see where I have been an “all or nothing” type, for most of my life. I either get right into something, or I don’t. I can’t begin to count the times I started off with a lot of enthusiasm only to see it begin to wane after a short time. Today, I strive for more balance in my life. Part of this relates to my emotional honesty. I may have appeared to be enthusiastic about something, but maybe I was not emotionally honest about my feelings, or I was just trying to people please. My feelings will ultimately catch up to my behavior, or maybe that is the other way around; my behavior will catch up to my true feelings. Through working the Program I have come to understand how important it is for me to be as honest as I can be about my feelings with others. I have to ask myself the very important question: what is my motivation, and am I being true to me? If I get enthused about something, I try to follow that feeling, and recognize that my “pace” may be off because of that feeling.