I try to live by the Spiritual Principles, and have found them to be strong indicators of what are good behaviors versus those old behaviors which were full of mistrusts and denial. I accept that I can be of service to others, if not by anything but listening attentively when at a meeting, or giving a newcomer a warm smile and a hug when appropriate. I have come to know that honesty is a trait that will bring me back to AA every time. The positive behaviors of the Principle have been a source for me to correct my more harmful ways of living especially when I was in the clutches of King Alcohol. Today, I have choices and through the A.A. Steps, my belief in a Higher Power, and the love and honesty I receive from my sisters in recovery. How can I not improve with all those standards to live up to? I believe I learn from others and will continue to do so, as long as I remain true to my sobriety. I am in this fight to overcome the disease of alcoholism. I know I can count on A.A. members and they will be there when needed. This is a “We” program.

photo from Maggs... ♥♥♥

photo from Maggs… ♥♥♥