Selfishness – a definition: The act if being overly concerned primarily or only with oneself/self-absorbed/ self-centered/ self-serving/ self-seeking/ egotistical.

At first I had a little trouble figuring out the selfish/selfless behaviors that had been present in my life, I heard others around the tables talk about what they referred to as the “We” program. Our basic premise is of one person helping another. The Program “suggests” that unity is the basic touchstone for recovery. In the process of working the 4th Step my own selfishness came to the surface. I had several members encourage me to give the Program time, that I was not going to understand everything, there was much to learn. On one hand it was suggested that I work the Program for myself, and on the other hand I was encouraged to unite with my fellow alcoholics, to get a sponsor, to participate in group meetings. Service work came early in my recovery, that plus the Third Tradition, gave me much to understand and learn about this deadly disease. For one thing I could see that I was always screaming silently – what about me, me, me! At some point in the early days of my recovery, the cries of me, me, me changed and became we,we,we.