Slowly over time improvements in my moral behavior have occurred since coming to AA. I have learned about the Spiritual Principles, and how they relate to recovery. I have come to know and appreciate the moral behavior of those who choose recovery. Rather than anger, I am encouraged to practice self-control. Rather than delving into false pride, I seek humility. When dishonesty wants to assert itself, I work to practice honesty – in both word and deed. Resentments have been released and replaced with forgiveness. Envy is changed to generosity, eliminating a source of anger. Instead of condemning myself, I work on my self-esteem by reviewing my change and growth in A.A. For every negative behavior there is an opposite positive behavior, and my journey through the Steps has brought me to an understanding of this basic principle. Whenever I am unsure of what to do, I remember that “lesson.” Alcoholics Anonymous continues to be a program of change and growth – today I serve as an example of this basic tenet. Thank you for letting me be of service here at This24 💕