Let The Healing Begin

Slowly over time improvements in my moral behavior have occurred since coming to AA. I have learned about the Spiritual Principles, and how they relate to recovery. I have come to know and appreciate the moral behavior of those who choose recovery. Rather than anger, I am encouraged to practice self-control. Rather than delving into false pride, I seek humility. When dishonesty wants to assert itself, I work to practice honesty – in both word and deed. Resentments have been released and replaced with forgiveness. Envy is changed to generosity, eliminating a source of anger. Instead of condemning myself, I work on my self-esteem by reviewing my change and growth in A.A. For every negative behavior there is an opposite positive behavior, and my journey through the Steps has brought me to an understanding of this basic principle. Whenever I am unsure of what to do, I remember that “lesson.” Alcoholics Anonymous continues to be a program of change and growth – today I serve as an example of this basic tenet. Thank you for letting me be of service here at This24 💕


4 thoughts on “Let The Healing Begin

  1. I often appreciate you Dear Sister.

    My sponsor told me, “Harry, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how You are feeling it is a certainty that taking a drink of liquor will make it worse”.

    I always drinking for relief. Especially because of fear in its many forms.
    My last experiences with drinking was marked by something like a pall coming over me where I felt worse under the effects of alcohol.
    This is where I Later on was to know it wasn’t working for me anymore.

    Insanity would try to persuade me but why should I believe that it would ever “work” any more?

    I need constant reminders for as we often say I am a “quick forgetter”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. Thank you Dear SMB for your lead every morning . I always am able to face my day better with a sense of peace after I go to this 24 site and other sites in the early mornings. Last eve I went to my home group and we read about step 10. I also had an aha moment about how my best well laid plans may not work out to my expectations, and I need to pause, and realize the word I may not be what’s in store for me if I ask for God’s will not mine. I also saw from Harrys link the other day that my expectation may turn into a resentment. Well I know from past experience resentments can pull me back into a hole where I will self medicate. So thank you all for my sobriety. Today.

  3. Top of the morning family,
    Fist bump for your biggy size of “S”ervice on this board Sister Bonnie,
    This site is usually the last thing I read before my head hits the pillow.
    This site is usually the first thing I read before my smart? feet hits the floor.

    Often heard at my home group; “we don’t shoot our wounded. “
    That person has already crossed the battlefield to enter the rooms of healing.
    Healing / brokenness takes a course of its own. His plans are written in detail for each and every single one of us. That’s our journey. It’s a journey into His world of mercy.
    Forgiveness to others,
    Forgiveness to self,
    But most of all because they offended Divine Mercy.
    It’s His love that heals.
    Self’s table has a burnt chicken wing, molded potato salad, and a dried up piece of cake.
    Divine Mercy’s table has the entire banquet, ribs, brisket, bratwursts, coleslaw, all the grape Kool-Aid one can drink, and both kinds of pies: hot and cold.

    Its a good day to have a good day.

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